I’m the author of ‘Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity’, a large format non-fiction book for curious kids that is beautifully illustrated by James Weston Lewis. The book explores the life and work of a genius and explains one of the most ground-breaking ideas in history that continues to shape our understanding of the universe.

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What the reviewers say…

“Carl Wilkinson accomplishes something amazing in Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. He makes complex physics comprehensible, while James Weston Lewis’ illustrations make the meaning clear and attractive. This is a beautiful book and one young scientists will spend hours reading and rereading.” – Marissa Moss, New York Journal of Books

“Spectacular visuals from James Weston Lewis and precise, methodical text from Carl Wilkinson… combine to make difficult scientific concepts admirably clear and comprehensible.” – James Lovegrove, FT Weekend