Trump or Hillary: who will redecorate the White House better?

Will it be Clinton’s floral upholstery or The Donald’s gilded thrones?

Financial Times, House & Home
27 October 2016

When Americans go to the polls on November 8 they will not just be choosing the 45th US president and leader of the free world. They’ll also be voting for the next redecorator-in-chief of the White House.

The choice couldn’t be more stark; the leading candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, do not see eye to eye on interior design. Trump favours gold, marble and mirrors; Clinton loves classic styles and a general comfortable elegance. Trump lives in a gaudy triplex on the top of Trump Tower, which opened in 1983; Clinton in an 1889 Dutch colonial house in Chappaqua, 35 miles north of New York.

In 2015, Trump told People magazine: “If I were elected I would probably look at the White House, and maybe touch it up a little bit. But the White House is a special place you don’t want to do too much touching.” Yet given The Donald’s predilection for gold — and unsolicited “touching” — how much is too much? The developer in him must be eyeing the unused acres around (and above) 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and dreaming big.


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